We maintain your website for you. You run the business

Do you already have a website that needs to be maintained by a professional? Kenya Website Developers provides website maintenance services throughout Kenya and the wider region. We’ll make sure your website has the most recent functional and security fixes.

The cost of website maintenance services varies according on the kind of website and scope of work. The cost of website maintenance is divided into packages based on the tasks that must be completed.

Fresh material must be uploaded on a regular basis, and the content management system structure and plugins must be up to date for a website to rank and keep its position in search engines. A separate blog area is required for business and eCommerce websites to ensure ranking and exposure in Search Engine Results Page


Ksh 9,000

Charged Monthly

Ideal for Startups with a need to have a professional online presence

Small Business

Ksh 15,000

Charged Monthly

Ideal for individuals and SMEs who want to grow there business online

E commerce / Company

Ksh 35,000

Charged Monthly

For businesses that want to market their merchandise online.

Our website maintenance costs in Kenya are listed. Choose the best option; we can provide a personalized estimate if you contact us.

What we offer in Website Maintenance Services

Our staff will assist you in keeping your website relevant to consumers for as long as your brand is relevant and offers products/services or other communication.

Security & Updates

So you can rest easy, we’ll keep your website resources and content up to date. No more nasty surprises.

24/7 Support

Enjoy the ease of having a professional available by call/chat/email to respond to your online visitors.

Weekly Backups

We back up your database on a daily basis and perform a full backup of your database, files, and emails once a week.

Website Optimization

We will create back-links to other sites and social networks to verify that your site is SEO compliant.

How much does it cost for website maintenance?

The cost of website maintenance is determined by the maintenance plan selected; we have packages available on this page; please select the most appropriate website maintenance package or call us for advice on the most appropriate based on your website.

What should website maintenance include?

All duties that ensure the website is secure, relevant to users, and, most importantly, in search engine rankings should be included in website maintenance.

Do websites need maintenance?

Yes, absolutely. If you don’t manage your website, you’ll miss out on the point of having one in the first place. It will lose its rating and visibility, and will be added to the list of many sites about which no one except the owner is aware.

I want a website. Where can i start?
  1. Read and sign our agreement.
  2. Make a 70% payment of the total agreed amount.
  3. Send logo, required documents and images to Gestu Ent
  4. Wait for a few days
  5. Website completed and uploaded online
  6. Complete 30% of the remaining payment
  7. Hand over of cpanel and login details
  8. We offer training and support as per the package chosen
Are you looking for design services in Nairobi?

Our staff is readily available and can create a website in as little as three days. If you want quick Web design services in Nairobi, please contact us at any time.

Are we the best in Kenya?

We’ll let you decide which of Kenya’s best-designed websites is the greatest, but we encourage you to go through our website collection to see what we’ve done.